Thursday, 31 December 2015

This year 2015

Well what a year this has been! It has seen few battles mainly Helen's fight with cancer amongst other things, it's seen me change in many ways and take on more challenges like pedal for Scotland. So here is a wee blog about this year. Some pictures first.

Well a year that started as most we had been through Helens Chemo and were waiting to here what the next step was, We heard later that Helen was going to have major surgery and this would happen on march the 3rd one day before my birthday not that it mattered. The build up to the op  was as you can imagine very nervous we both knew that it was best thing but still who would want to put there selves through something like this? We arrived couple of days before op Helen was taken in to  ERI and i managed to find a good B&B  this was to be my home for the next ten days. I wont go on about this to much but what i will say the NHS take a right slagging at times i should know working for them but Helen was treated franticly well nothing was ever to much for them they really were angels every one. I myself spent the days walking back and forward to the hospital or going into Edinburgh just to take my mind of things i did a lot of soul searching and a lot of crying as most of days i was on my own and my mind went into overdrive. On the day of the op i went and sat with Helen she wrote me a letter that i was to read when i got back to the B&B. We spoke about various things Helen was of course very very nervous as was i. We said usual how much we loved each other and i told her i would be waiting for her when she comes out of surgery. The 3rd of march was the longest day of my life, i read the letter man that was emotional and how Helen managed to Wright that is beyond me. Joyce her sister came that day and stayed Helen came out of surgery around 6pm and they told me it went well but would not be able to see her until around 7 so they can get her settled in ICU. When we got in to see her she was in and out of sleep but managed to speak even to the stage she told me to bog of mmm or maybe it was fk off ha ha for asking questions but she was well away with the fairies. We were allowed to stay no more than 30min but they said i can phone at midnight when it was my birthday. Me and Joyce left that Hospital and we felt relieved. I did phone at midnight and they let me speak to Helen what a great surprise best birthday present ever, yeah she sounded weak but she just had a major op but was so good to here her wish me a happy Birthday that good i opened a bottle of red wine and had a couple of glasses. Joyce took me out for a meal on my Birthday before we went to see Helen she really was a star and was good to have someone to celebrate with although Helen was always in my thoughts. When we went to see Helen she had been moved to a ward amazing she was sitting in a chair in bit of pain but smiling man that was so good. I am not going to say much more on this as well myself and Helen although had hard time this year have just got on with things, that night i went our in the capitol for my Birthday and made rather merry mmm got pissed!!! Helen is my Hero i have many all mainly mountaineers but not one of them has climbed a mountain the size of the one she has climbed she is the strongest  and bravest person i know and even though she still gets check ups and no more for six months which is great news she remains strong and positive and i feel no matter what happens next we will face it head on and fight this bastard all the way... A new beginning starts for Helen this year 2016 she retired from work 31st 2015 still young still fighting and still the bravest person i will ever know love her to bits. Oh Debs and all my family thank you for all you do i love you all. thank you Phyll for calling me in Edinburgh and i wish you and your hubby well for 2016 as well. Thanks ken and Val you are real friends you were always there. Tony and Susan thanks And of course Young Helen and Colin thank you, John Mckeague thanks bud. And everyone who kept in touch just big thank you all.

2015 also seen me getting more into outdoor activities such as cycling and my charity driven by Helen #GOTEAMHELEN and my first big event was the 116 mile peddle for Scotland challenge which i completed and manage to raise nearly £2000 amazing and thanks to all my friends on twitter and Facebook and beyond for donating i had a great time and of course was driven by Helen, also was great that with 20miles to go i received a txt message from my nieces to say that they were at the finishing line waiting for me and i can tell you that was the boost i needed as i was feeling a a wee bit lol that was just the best surprise ever. Arlene who did the challenge with me massive thanks to you both for helping it was a great boost. 2016 will see challenges continue wirh myself and my good mate John doing the etape cycle and also 9 munros in two days this will also be done for charity so beware i will be asking for cash again ha ha.. It was also a good year in many ways especially for mountains and for walks many were completed abd me and Helen enjoyed some great low level walks and getting away around Scotland  what a gorgeous country we live in. And we hope to continue this well into next year as well having all ready booked a couple of nights away and places were going hope we get some snow.
As for my friends well what can i say Ken and Val you've been awesome and thank you for putting us up we had a great time with you all and kids were just great fun... Never forget our night camping on beach with Ken Morven and Baird ha ha that scene when the moon appeared and we were sitting drinking whiskey and eating smoked salmon man what a night, breaking trees for wood for the fire which the two kids had started what a great night just what i needed. John  McKeague thanks for everything and here is to a lot of cycling and coffee in 2016 bring it on. Aundre and Carol thank you Big John Rodger man you are all top people here to mare drink lol, Leighan and Rob cheers you twa. To all friends who were there To Louise who messaged me when in Edinburgh thank you to Phyllis who called thank you to all who got me through thank you, Also to my work colleagues who put up with me i know i am a grump but this year thank as my head was all over the place. Thanks everybody who stayed in touch it meant so much. One note Allan Mackie will never forget you mate R I P
Family this year as always have been great but hard for others as well my niece Teresa who has gone through her own treatment and fought through well done your one tough lass and your family who helped sure will be proud of you. Special mention to my other nieces Especially Debbie just to let you understand i love all my nieces might not show it to them all but i do but Debbie i cant thank you enough for your messages and just keeping in touch all the time and Amanda you and Debs of course coming through to support me with the kids was a moment not just in my life but Helens as well i will always remember and the banners you made were just fantastic i can never tell you how happy that made Helen and me and hope you never forget what i told you that day. Chris not just my brother but my best mate cheers here hoping united stay up bro lol. To all my family love you all hope we can get out more often 2016.
This blog is for me to say thank you  to everybody  i have probably forgot some but i have not forgot what help you have been even by just messaging or a call it got me through this year.
Well as you can see i am not great at blogging but hope you enjoy it anyway for 2016 we both hope we just keep getting good news every time we see the consultant it is all we can do. And of course Helen is now a lady of leisure having retired today 31/12/15 i will be a kept man ha ha aye right. Next year more mountains will be climbed and of course hopefully the 9 munros in 2 days and of course etape cycle challenge watch out for my charity getting set up. So thank you all for reading and hope you all have a great new year or a great 2016.

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