Sunday, 19 May 2013

Part 6 Thank you all.

First let me thank you all for reading and looking at photos i have said before that i am not great at this but it will be something i can look back on and enjoy. Our trek will live with me forever what a fantastic experience and i have met and made some great new friends. One thing i will mention is our guides and  porters these people were amazing and we could not have done it without them I  am sure everyone else thanks you from bottom of our hearts, also safe journeys  thank you. To finish i want to say a massive thank you to Tina, Nolan, Joanna, Kate, Bruce, Martin, Andy, April, Mike, Kevin and Avril what an experience we all had what an amazing time and i look forward to the reunion i miss you all and its only been a few weeks since we all arrived home lol but it shows what an impression we had on each other hope you feel the same mmmmmm hope so :-] Below are some photos that i have edited slightly hope you enjoy and you had feeling you were there with us. Thank you for taking the time to read about our amazing time...

Saturday, 11 May 2013

The long journey home part 5

So it was time for our last day trekking or journey would end up where it all started in Katmandu well so we thought! I had been up most of the night with the mmmm shall we say the runs and I will say very little else on this apart from yeeeeuk and it took a lot out of me. Another early start for 6.5hr trek and this was very hard on the body. I was running on empty even though I ate breakfast but was worried if I ate to much well you know a visit to toilet may be needed lol, Lukla would take us back to 2827m and the trek back although hard we were still seeing some beautiful scenery. We crossed the Dudh Kosi River again just above Chaunrikharka. At this stage I was feeling OK and think Martin, Mike and Kate apart from being bit weary were ok as well. We stopped at Phakding for lunch and as I was feeling not to bad  decided not only to have soup and noodles but some chocolate and fanta juice mmmm on top of about 4 cups of tea, this of course was not a good idea! On the second bit of the trek after lunch I began to feel bit unwell but knew what was the cause and let's just say I am happy there were so many small villages about! I looked at guide and shouted I need toilet now lol and luckily camay pointed to one, its probably the fastest I have moved in around three weeks and I just made it mmm enough said I think. When I came out everybody asked if I was ok I was at that time feeling bit rough but knew we only had couple of hours to go but this bit was most difficult I struggled and had to stop to get my breath a few times. Eventually we saw the arch that took us back into Lukla I was so happy to see it as we all were this had been a very long day. We walked to our lodge where tea was waiting it came in a tartan flask so I had my photo taken with it lol I look so tired on it. So we all congratulated one and other as this was it the end of our trekking so proud of us all. We had a cup of tea and just sat in silence for few minutes. Kevin and Eileen came in and sat for while they got there flight over base camp well done to them and they asked us how we got on. We were given our rooms so I went for a wash but during this I stated to shiver quite badly so I decided to get in my sleeping bag and took couple of paracetamol, soon as I lay down I fell asleep and never got up until i heard  someone knocking at my door to say tea was ready boy I must have needed that sleep. I managed tea during this Kevin had told us of flight delays and that some people had been stuck on Lukla for five days not what we wanted to here. So after tea I was feeling not to bad so myself Mike and Martin headed to the Scottish bar for our first couple of celebratory beers, this pub was no more Scottish as I am Chinese lol but it was good to sit and just enjoy our beers. We had a couple then back we went to lodge and bed during the night unfortunately I had couple of visits to the toilet again but thankfully the last :-) . We would wake in the morning to not the best news.

So woke up in the morning with the hope of flying back to Kathmandu only to find that there were no flights as yet and we should wait to here the siren go off that will mean flights will go ahead. As we sat in our lodge waiting I and probably the rest of us had a feeling we would not be getting of Lukla today and as it turned out we never. The siren went off and we all headed for the airport thinking oh good time to head back we had all our cases booked in and tickets ready to go but unfortunately before our flight came in the weather changed and all flights were canncelled. We spoke to our guide who said next best thing would be to get back by helicopter as we would struggle to get on flight the next day, we did agree to this but every time we were told a price it kept changing it went from something like 140 dollars up to 200 dollars we were bit unsure at first and tried to contact someone from safe journeys on numbers we had but could not get anybody so we had to go with it, this was when fun started it was like a small  trek we were marched over good bit of Lukla trying to book this helicopter with the help of the owner of the lodge we were staying in. When in situations like that its a bit worrying as you are not sure if you are doing the right thing. We finnaly did manage to book it then someone from safe journeys phoned Martin to say that the owner of the lodge normally sorts all this kind of thing out pity we never heard this earlier but as it turned out the owner was great and he went out of his way to get us back to Kathmandu and we even got around a 100 dollar refund when we got back. We waited for helicopter to come but were told that it had been turned back so we would have to stay another night in Lukla which in the end was ok. Myself and Martin decided to go and have a shave and found a good barbers the guy also owned bar called high altitude which he invited us to at night think he liked martin hmmmm ha ha. The shave was great what a feeling to get rid of that beard it was so itchy :-). We went back to lodge and everybody was amazed at how handsome we were oooo sorry how different we looked. We went for a look around Lukla before tea was nice place but I was hoping by this time we would be back in Kathmandu enjoying a beer or two. We got back to lodge and had tea and decided to have beers with it was nice, then after tea myself Martin and Mike headed to the high altitude bar this was great bar with some superb rock music I could have stayed there all night we sat in front of log fire and had around three or four beers before heading back too the lodge in the poring rain it was battering down and my only thought was please go off before tomorrow and it did for tomorrow would see us back in Kathmandu and our last day before heading home.

So it was time to head back to Kathmandu the helicopter would arrive and it would be a bit of a scary experince . We waited  for around forty minutes or so for this Russian made helicopter and when it arrived it looked fine old but fine, I was bit apprehensive having never flown in one before so as we boarded imagine my face when I discovered you had to climb over everybody's luggage to get to your seat and then as me and Martin sat down in said seat it flipped backwards ha ha we both laughed but think it was more of a nervous laugh, poor mike was bent forward as rest of luggage was hanging over his seat and Kate was just in front of us as were Kevin and Eileen. So off we went up up and away please lol. The flight was OK and got to say all part of the experience and mmm did enjoy it a wee bit :-)  there is a picture of inside heli but its not great one. So forty minutes or so later we landed and were driven back to hotel Thamel it was good to be back and first people we met were Tina and Nolan was so good to see them although Tina still looks in bit pain but was just great to have that part of group together again now if only Joanna , Bruce, April, and Andy had walked in that be perfect. After a bit of catching up we were given our rooms but i was starving so came back down with everyone had a lite breakfast. Had another great shower before we all did bit of shopping and after while went for lunch this was so good it was so relaxing and the food was great and the mmmm 3 beers we had as well was just so happy we all were it was great afternoon just sitting chatting and totally relaxed and Tina and Nolan gave me wee gift :-)  we sat for a while there in the sun Kate had the biggest smile on and could tell she was having a great time relaxing with a beer . So was back to hotel to get ready for our farewell meal and culture show. I had another shower and bit of a sleep before getting ready. We had a bit of a walk to the restaurant through Kathmandu but was good to see other bits. We arrived and were shown our tables it was big place and lots of people there. We were given a local drink which was quite strong so Nolan asked for more lol and of course had beer to it was a good night food was good and the entertainment was good as well and soon myself martin and Noel were up dancing ha ha think I ended up doing highland fling. What a great night spent with great people really enjoyed myself and sure everyone else did Martin then handed out our certificates and was good surprise for Tina and Nolan to get there's to.  When it all finished we headed back to hotel and ordered a couple of more beers and once again chatted about the trip and other things this was good just sitting with friends I did not want night to end I was just so happy but of course we all had big day ahead of us next day well Tina and Nolan were there for another day and would meet up with all the rest was great to know that they would be meeting them all. So we stayed up until the dizzy time of midnight or there about lol then of to bed. We would all have breakfast together again before it was time to fly home.

So it was nearly time to go Kate would be the first to leave. We stayed in hotel well went for small walk but mainly packed bags and chilled in room for a while. Then we went and said our goodbyes to Kate she was a great lass and always had a smile on her face it was sad saying goodbye as it had been through all the last bits of this amazing journey. We helped Kate with her bags then was hugs all around and smiles lol and well you know and off Kate went to start her long journey home but we did meet her again briefly I think at Heathrow. So mike Martin and myself left we were out of our rooms early and decided to get bite to eat before getting picked up at airport had a burger and chips trying to spend last of our money then walk back to the hotel where we waited for our driver. We headed off around two and were at airport in good time. Martin was being posh and was travelling first class but think he had bit bother and joined us for flight in the peasants lounge ha ha. On we went we were all sitting in different seats but like the flights going there we had choice of films which helped pass the time was good flight . We arrived in Abu Dhabi and had bit of a wait but unknown to us Martin was really poshing it up in first class and not only that he was letting us know how good it was via Facebook ha ha letting us know he had big plate of stew and potatoes while me and mike sat in hard seats with our well crisps ha ha big posh rugby player :-)  we met Martin later he was on a different flight to us so was time to say goodbye to the big guy another great person and another well no say because were big tough men lmao but was tough saying bye.
So me an Mike left once again different seats but flight was ok and arrived at Heathrow safe we had look around and even had coffee then a pint lol was good pint to. It was now our turn to say bye and board our separate flights and as before was not easy Mike like the rest was just a great person so we said our goodbyes then I headed for my flight which out of them all was probably the worse was really windy so plane did take a few dips but arrived safe and sound and Helen was waiting at Luggage reclaim for me with a massive hug and welcome home was great to see Helen of course and although exhausted put a smile on my face . So I was home and soon all the rest would be to our long journey had come to an end but hopefully not the last time we would see each other. What an amazing time with amazing people who by the power of social network we can stay in touch. This is where I will leave it for now there will be a part six where I will say a bit more but will mainly be photographs but I hope you have enjoyed this blog as I have said I am not the best at this but when I read it it will bring back some amazing memories with some fantastic people.