Sunday, 6 June 2010


Glenshee Carn Aosda,Carn a Gheoidh,The Cairnwell and Carn nan Sac.

I started very early in the morning set out back of seven it was a beautiful day so could not wait when arrived i could see what people mean about the cairnwell but it is not until you start them that you can see hoe good they really are. Granted there is not much to see from the cairnwell but it is still worthwhile doing i have to say i had a fantastic day it was around seven hours walking but the veiws were just fantastic. First was aosda even the views from there were quite breath taking fine from one side you see the glenshee visitors center but if you look past that then you are in for a treat and it was so peaceful to. Leaving aosda i headed for Carn a Gheoidh the walk there was great passing small loch to the right think called vrotachan but not sure still it was a really good walk with still plenty to keep your camera at the ready. You don't realise sometimes how many photos you take when your on your own. When i arrived at Gheoidh i was met with some fantastic views my camera on never stoped even the one on my phone. I stayed there for a while sitting having a cup of tea no one else there was so good away from all the hassles of daily life (work) I then started off for the cairnwell also took in Carn Nan Sac thought day is still young so why not. The walk to the cairnwell was not to bad thought i might be bit beat but no was on a high so had nice stroll best way to describe it i passed the only people i saw all day with a polite hello i carried on arrived there around three oclock and once again sat there and took in the whole day as i did a jet flew below me the only noise i heard all day. Having sat a while i decided the best way down was well straight down where the ski lifts are it was steep but it took me around 30 mins to get back to my car and finish what was a fantastic day. These hills do come in for criticism but i cant fault them it was a day in the hills well it was a great day and i would recomend them to anyone.