Saturday, 3 December 2011

Glenshee winter walk

My first winter walk went from sron na gaoithe then across to Glass Chorie then summit of Cairn of Claise Then down side of Turic . Started early away at seven got there around nine as stopped to take some photos on way up. Was so lucky as it was a great day up Glenshee cold but just one of these perfect days for winter walk. Headed up Gaoithe steep climb but wanted to get top as quick as possible in case weather changed but it never. Got to summit and decided to go walk to Glass Chorie as it was such a stunning day and was still early and was having a great time. I decided to get out bivvy bag and dug a small seat out and sat and had lunch looking across to the Cairnwell was such great views. After lunch i headed off to Cairn of Claise which gave me best views as hope you see in pictures.. On way down was going to summit Turic but have done this so decided to descend steeply down the side wich although snowy was great fun as slid down on my back side. Had a great walk back to the car at my own pace taken time to enjoy the peace and quiet and the scenery. All in all a fantastic day never met another soul all day.