Saturday, 24 April 2010

Hi all its is first time i have blogged so hope you enjoy. I am a lover of the mountains of Scotland and well fair to say the world. I have done several Munro's but would love one day to do them all my problem is that i am not the best at navigation which is my fault as i was lets say spoiled. When i first started all these years ago i always had people who knew the hills and did all the navigation so i never really learned how to silly ass that i am. I am confident and do go out on my own a lot as my mates have kids now lost touch with few others but i am determined to enjoy the hills and here is some photos and sure you will know why?? As this is my first blog please give me bit time and hopefully as i go on it will improve. The first photo is vorlich i love this mountain and have done it several times as i love the views and every time i have done it the sun has been out fantastic. Well hope you enjoy my blogs will do next one when next away for walk but thanks for taking time to read.